Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Motivational Posters

Because I haven't recently made fun of those weirdo cultists (you know, the ones who claim their zombie lord is going to rise from the dead and judge us all):

Because I want to be fair and show that His Infernal Majesty has a sense of humor:

And because I know the real reason you come here:



Prata said...

You fuckin' rock out with your cock out dude. Japanese Women...Superior...nothing more true has ever been spoken. Well other than the statement on Atheists. ^_^

Leesa said...

At first, I thought the first motivational poster said, "Atheists: whining since 33 AD". And I chuckled.

April said...

HAHAHAHAHA! I read it the same way Leesa did at first, too! What a coincidence!

And that Japanese girl is hot! YAY! =)

How can you tell which country Asian women are from just by looking at them?

Prata said...

They all have different features. Thai people do not look like Japanese people. Vietnamese people do not look like Thai people, etc. Just like one tells a German from an Italian.

Now if you want to find something difficult to tell apart, go to certain parts of Africa and try to tell the different tribes apart just by looking at their face as opposed to clothing and other items of tribal behavior.

Avitable said...

And now I'm morally outraged and will never visit you again. My God is an awesome God. Or is it dog? No, that's it. My dog is awesome. Carry on.

NYD said...

I am starting accordion lessons.

@April and Prata.

You can't always tell what nationality they are by just looking. Ya gotta go out there and taste them.

Hit 40 said...

The metal accordion is a winner!

I think I can tell the nationalities from teaching - definitely know Japanese from chinese/ korean....

Then it gets blurry.

Hit 40 said...

You can not tell british from irish from americans by looking at our faces!!!

Jay said...

Do Asian women like atheists who play the accordion? Cause I can take atheist lessons.

Prata said...


.......You...are SO RIGHT! =-P
Tasting is definitely called for sometimes.

Grant said...

prata - atheist bunnies rule.

leesa - that's okay, at first glance I usually think your name reads Anal Sex Fiend. I'm sure you can understand the confusion.

april - I've noticed some slight details that often differ between Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese, but you can't always tell by looks. Whenever my Japanese teacher eats at a Korean or Chinese restaurant, they usually assume she is one of them and try to speak their language to her.

prata - I can usually tell East from West Asian easily enough, but even then there is some overlap. I thought a J-waitress was Thai because she worked at a Thai restaurant and, even though she had the refined features of an Eastern Asian, she had the duskier skin tone of the West.

avitable - you would probably only be morally outraged if I mentioned jesus and failed to get an anal sex joke out of it. BTW, your picture from your Google profile isn't showing today.

nyd - mmm...bunny flavored. I'm thinking a mix of fish and soy.

hit 40 - if you can't tell, ask them if it's okay if you speak in Japanese (in Japanese). If they give you a blank look, they are probably Japanese.

jay - I never considered atheist lessons. We should start a class. And check YouTube for a band called Galmet. They're an all-girl Japanese death metal band. Mmm...death metal bunnies.

prata - mmm...bunny flavored.

April said...

Prata: How can you tell that someone is German or Italian just by looking at them? My grandfather was a blonde haired, blue-eyed man straight from Italy. Most people wouldn't have known that he was Italian.

I used to be a server in a very popular tourist area of Florida. We would get people from many European countries come it, and it was very hard to distinguish where they were from just by looking at them.

Maybe I'm not around the different Asian cultures enough to be able to notice the differences?

Whitemist said...

The bunny is gorgeous!
The accordion is great!
And I never care what people say about God, it ain't my job!

Hit 40 said...

Grant I have a sex quiz tomorrow for you and your bunny friends :-)

Captain Dumbass said...

That was fucking beautiful.

Grant said...

april - I've always maintained that you needed to spend more time looking at hot Asian women.

whitemist - now I just need to find an accordion-playing atheist bunny.

hit 40 - did I pass?

cda - yes, heavy metal accordion often strikes people that way.

Hit 40 said...

I would pass you!

Look at you 17 comments now!!! Excellent! You need to go get cable guy and taxi man from my followers to join your bunny land.

metalmom said...

I love the accordion dude!!!

SJ said...

I read is as pwning since 33 AD. Awesome poster!

Grant said...

hit 40 - since I tend to generate Internet drama, I have a policy to not initiate first contact (so when they freak out over my presence, I can blame them for starting), but feel free to send them my way if you think they would like it.

metalmom - thrash accordion fucking rocks!

sj - yes, jebus can go suck it.

Ricardo said...

That is the reason I come here and I love it!!!