Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Final Answer

Answer #3 to the truth and lie meme.

I think Ebi-chan is the most beautiful woman in the world.

That one was a little yellow lie. She's my favorite model and the woman I think is 2nd most beautiful in the world. The most beautiful woman I've ever seen is my dentist. She's so stunning that she ALMOST makes me want to see her, but no, she's still a dentist. And she does have a web site with her picture on it, but I'm not linking because I don't want her to somehow discover my blog. Although I mean it in a completely complimentary way, a lot of Asian women seem to find the term "bunny" offensive, and she already sticks needles and drill bits into my head. I don't need her angry with me.

So, instead, here is another picture of Yuri Ebihara (エビちゃん, aka header bunny).




Captain Dumbass said...

Last time I was at the dentist the hygenist kept poking me in the head with her breasts. That was nice.

Hit 40 said...

Ok... captain dumbass wins the best comment of the day!!! LMAO!!!

Jay said...

So did you look through the phone book specifically to try and find an Asian female dentist? Not that I don't think that's a brilliant idea. I was just wondering.

SJ said...

Having a dentist you want to hit upon does have it's advantages but on the down side she might be turned off by cavities and tartar.

Joe said...

Do all Japanese models have to use a name with an "Ebi" in it?

Bunnylord said...

cda - my hot bunny dentist rests her forearms on my chest when she works, so it's almost like we're making out except for all the pain.

hit 40 - he's good for that.

jay - she predates my preference for Asian women. She's more of the cause than the effect.

sj - she should love me because I'm paying for her next Lexus one tooth at a time.

joe - Ebi-chan is the nickname for Yuri Ebihara. She's the only model I know with "Ebi" in her name, but since she's the spokesmodel for basically every product in Japan, you may see a lot of her.

Ricardo said...

email me the link. I have to see her. Good call on keeping it off the net.