Monday, March 16, 2009

Super, part end thank the zombie jebus

Who would be your butler? Alfred or Jarvis?
Jarvis, because next to him I’m relatively handsome.

Hottest Female Superhero?
She-Hulk. I would love to climb her like a tree. Besides, I don’t know of any super J-bunnies.

Hulk Hot!

Hottest Female Supervillain?
Viper (aka Madam Hydra). Remember my predilection for green.


Hottest Male Superhero?
Batman, because Bruce Wayne is possibly rich enough for me to have sex with him.

Hottest Male Supervillain?
Sabretooth? Gotta be a pussy joke in there somewhere.

Who is your favorite superhero of all time?
The Punisher, although there’s nothing super about him. I like the psychological complexities of a grim, bitter man who ignores his lack of a personal life by constantly focusing on the details of the next mission (think Batman with lethal weapons). I would say the Hulk (also complex), but he’s a monster and not really a hero.

Who is your favorite supervillain of all time?
Although I like the Joker from the recent Dark Knight movie (I love a man without a plan), my all time favorite is Magneto (the comic version, not the movie one). He is conflicted and often straddling a moral fence instead of your typical “rule the world / steal all the gold” kind of guy. Plus he can construct a space station in orbit around the Earth while standing on the ground and zap you with lightening.

If you have to save the world and can pick any 5 superheroes from anywhere, who would they be?
Groo for his ability to slay entire armies, Ozymandias so I can converse with someone almost as witty as me, Karma for the anal sex, Superman to actually save the world from anything that doesn’t involve Kryptonite, and Green Lantern in case the world is threatened by Kryptonite.

If you are taking over the world and can pick any 5 supervillains who would they be?
Darth Vader because he’s my childhood hero (I’m not kidding) (and Marvel did the official comic book adaptation, so he does too count), Juggernaut for muscle, Galactus for the blackmail potential (“Surrender, or my minion eats your planet”), Dr. Horrible, and the Japanese ax-murdering schoolgirl to be my personal bodyguard / concubine.

Homicidal Bunny!

And as an added part to the already too long meme, allow me to share my alter ego Zorzan (a mix of Zorro and Tarzan):

a hero so incredibly gay I should have named him “Captain Pound Me in the Ass.” Fortunately his sidekick Ninja Bunny Dentist came out better.

Ninja Bunny Dentist!


Prata said...

You may be looking for, Chise from Saikano. Or perhaps the Nameless Cyberdyne Model 103 from Cyborg She. Both super J-bunnies. ^_^

Avitable said...

1. Alfred. He can do everything.

2. Oracle, pre-wheelchair.

3. Poison Ivy.

4. I have no opinion.

5. I have no opinion.

6. Superman.

7. Darkseid.

8. Superman, Green Lantern, Plastic Man, Flash, Batman

9. Darkseid, The Riddler, Deadpool, Captain Cold and the Joker

Deb said...

She Hulk? She doesn't even look like a Jgal.


Matt said...

Heh. Zorzan.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! She Hulk is gorgeous! I wanted to choose Harley Quinn in mine but she's a villain so she doesn't count, right? Plus I don't think she has any powers, I think she's just a bad ass in a cute outfit.

Monogram Queen said...

I like Ninja Bunny Dentist!

Grant said...

prata - of course you would know where the super J-bunnies could be found.

avitable - just admitting that a male superhero is attractive doesn't automatically make you gay.

deb - I appreciate all types of women, be they Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Thai, or gamma-irradiated.

matt - somehow he came out less hetero than I had hoped for.

sam - you can choose Harley for your favorite villain.

mq - me too.

Avitable said...

I agree, but they're all drawn as attractive people, so instead of picking the most attractive one, I have to think about the one I'd be the most interested in fucking, and when it comes to the male superheroes, I really don't have an opinion about that!

metalmom said...

Hottest Male Supervillain?
Sabretooth? Gotta be a pussy joke in there somewhere.

heh heh heh!

SJ said...

Ninja Bunny Dentist is the sexiest clothed from head to toe woman ever.

Ricardo said...

Magneto was made terribly on dimensional in the films. Like in the last one,he would never leave Mystique behind like that because she was reverted back to a human. He would take her back and work feverishly to restore her mutant powers.

I like the Punisher also but it used to infuriate me that he would always be able to beat Spiderman with ease as the two would battle even though they were both good guys.

She Hulk is the hottest green chick out there.