Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's Official

Japan is now ranked the #1 (一番) best country in the world. I especially like the way the article mentions part of the reason Japan was chosen was due to its diversity. We need to get some of that in America.

In case you're still not convinced that Japan is the most wonderful place on Earth, I give you Obama sushi and humping animal banks. Game, set, and match.

Also, below is Anno Haruna, J-model and gamer extreme, who claims she can clear the first level of Mario Brothers literally with her eyes closed.

Chun-li Bunny!

I loves me some geeky J-bunny.


Anonymous said...

She's gorgeous and I saw the Obama sushi yesterday in my travels, it looked tasty! Of course, I'm biased, I love most sushi :-)

~Deb said...

Sushi is great, but I'm more into the Spanish look myself... Japanese women are like works of art: not to be touched. I dunno, just my opinion. ;)

Grant said...

sam - you take the sushi, I'll have the bunny.

~deb - I masturbate to the Mona Lisa and Birth of Venus, so that won't stop me.

Monogram Queen said...

Now she isn't geeky - but dorky. There IS a difference!

Grant said...

mq - I think she's hot, so you can't have her. (she's dressed as a character from the game Street Fighter if you didn't know)