Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Japanese Technology

They're so far ahead of us. I give you - USB boob warmers.

Note - any Asian bunnies suffering from cold breasts should contact me. I will warm them totally for free - no hidden fees or anything.

Boobie Bunny!


metalmom said...

I have my own boob flashes!

Anonymous said...

I found those a few days ago in some geek blog I read, I'm always freakin' cold and I never leave my desk - I want them, now.

Grant said...

metalmom - my entire life is a hot flash. Seriously, I never need a coat.

jgrrl - did you notice they were J-sized? They may be inadequate for Western women.

Monogram Queen said...

Ah ever the do-gooder eh Grant?

Grant said...

mq - my donated bunny time should be tax-deductible.