Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Fecking Holidays

2nd Friday post - w00t!

To help add to the challenge of paying off my medical bills, the contracting company I work for cut everyone's pay by 10% effective as of last Saturday. It could be worse. One of the other contracting companies who supplies workers here cut their people by 27.5%. Also, instead of giving their employees vacation time like my company, their company sometimes gives them Chik-Fil-A chicken biscuits for breakfast. By sometimes I mean maybe three times a year, although the slowing economy has forced them to eliminate that treat during the 2nd half of 2008. Poor rich capitalists.


NYD said...

Damn. Gotta love a boss who'll by ya biscuits! I toss my people a burger every now and again and donuts during the holidays.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Like NYD, I too am a believer in the fellowship of donuts.

Anonymous said...

We need to have some kinda revolution or something. Whatever we do - I wanna wear pink camo, ok?

SJ said...

Cut their people by 27.5%... in any other blog I would have understood that as a layoff.

Kerry said...

Dang. 10% is alot... but sure beats 27.5%

That sucks... thankfully still employed!

Captain Dumbass said...

I got cut by 100%. Where's my fuckin bailout?

Turnbaby said...

Yeah--those poor bastards on Wall Street had to go begging to the government to make their Christmas bonus millions this year

Grant said...

nyd - yes, toss your people disgusting Western food to reinforce all the bad stereotypes. Next time load them down with funnel cakes.

eotr - donuts = bleah. I prefer tempura.

jgrrl - you'll be undetectable if you hide in the bubblegum aisle.

sj - they discovered black market organ sales are more lucrative than letting people go.

kerry - that's how my employer feels. "Be thankful you even have a job."

cda - I'm sure the automotive bailout includes a free car for every American, so you're SOL.

turnbaby - my heart weeps for them. And here I was wasting my dollars to feed the homeless.

~Deb said...

LOL @ fellowship of donuts! I used to partake in the potluck weirdness that spread wild amongst friends at work, but ended up with a bad case of...well... let's just say I got really sick.

Hope your days ahead are bright and shiny and if I don't speak to you before Christmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS. Are ya offended my little satanic friend? ;) Have a great Happy New Year too!