Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Seasons, Everybody

The Most Important Day of the Year is almost upon us, and so in keeping with the holiday spirit I am sitting in my cubicle designing my next Halloween costume. This time I have created: Darth Shart. He's Vader's less popular brother, kind of like the Sithlord version of Fred Claus. I woulod share further details with you, but
  1. I'm sure you would steal my ideas and pass them as your own.
  2. George Lucas hasn't yet returned my calls asking that we re-shoot episodes I-VI to incorporate this new character.
  3. It's disgusting in a squirty kind of way (yes, my recent illness may have been an influencing factor).

If anyone is looking for a good Xmas costume, I recommend this:

Santa Bunny!

or this:

Santa Bunny!

PS - Darth Shart's lightsaber is made of cheese.


Anonymous said...

I shall neutralize Darth Shart with my powerful Prednisone and Imodium rays of immobilization!

SJ said...

Oh no more Star Trek... or Star Wars or whatever.

I think I wouldn't mind having either or both Santa featured sit on my lap.

Enemy of the Republic said...

I'm still working on that meme and my ideas are so brilliant that I have no need to steal yours, but I could use a pointer on how to turn into a man who is attracted to BUNNY--don't get that one, so yes, can I steal that idea?

Don't go toe to toe with me on Darth ideas--I invented the Sith just like Al Gore invented the internet.

I guess I told you! Awaiting rude reply...

metalmom said...

Oh great! Hubs was reading over my shoulder and now he thinks you are the best guy ever. He has chosen 'sexy santa' to be my outfit.


Tracy Lynn said...

I'm not seeing a clear delineation between Cutey and Sexy Santa.

What exactly was the difference?

And btw, I don't celebrate Halloween. Goober.

NYD said...

I have the sexy Santa costume. It doesn't fit me anymore so if you want it I can send it to you.

P.S. Bunny not included.

Grant said...

jgrrl - Darth Shart's only weakness is Asian schoolgirls.

sj - if you don't know the difference between ST and SW, they won't let you into heaven.

eotr - you know you can acknowledge a woman as being attractive without admitting that you're gay, but if you want to go that route I'm sure none of your readers would complain. Ask ~deb for help.

metalmom - I prefer Cutey Santa (the outfit - the other model is cuter), but either is fine. Be sure to post pics.

tracy - one shows midriff.

nyd - how about instead you send me a bunny in no costume whatsoever?