Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy After Xmas

Fortunately all the greed and rampant consumerism that is due to the birthday of the zombie Jebus is over, and we can now focus on the things that truly matter, such as the greed and rampant consumerism due to the sales that occur after the birthday of the zombie Jebus. I'll be happy when the shopping returns to normal. I had to find a backroad way of getting to school since driving by the malls after Thanksgiving added an hour to my ten mile trip.

But to me the true meaning of Xmas is that I can't have pizza. Look, I'll take a day off for any reason, even to honor the zombie Jebus, but it's pointless if all those who serve me also get the day off. I really wanted a pizza, but I had to survive off leftover Chinese food. Next year we should take turns. The pizza place gets off xmas eve when I have to work, then they go back on duty when I'm stricken from the office.

In other holiday news, I just received my first reduced paycheck! Coupled with a missing day due to my illness! The festivities just never stop.

Still tweaking my template. If anyone has a suggestion other than "you need to find Jesus" (note - I saw him in the Home Depot last year), leave a comment. I'll close now with another picture of Ebi-chan.

Bunny with Shrimp Sandwich!


PBS said...

Bummer to get a pay cut for Christmas. Weird, but I was in the mood for one of those cheap $5 pizzas yesterday. Settled for a veggiburger cooked in spaghetti sauce, which actually tasted much better than it sounds! Or maybe I was just really hungry.

NYD said...

No, not the Mickey-D's poster!!!!
I saw rtat thing every freakin day and her tv commercial as well. You may not love Jesus but Ebi-chan is the Antichrist!

It's on it's way...Samurai sodomy IV

Kira said...

I don't think she eats that stuff...

SJ said...

Jesus needs to find you.

SJ said...

Thy meme is done oh evil one.

Captain Dumbass said...

Filet-O-Ebi, nice. I'm fuckin' done with Christmas. I'm stuck in my goddamned house because I've got 6 feet of slushy ice on my front street and I don't own a monster truck. Fuck snow.

metalmom said...

My pizza is hot and yummy. Mmmm.....wanna bite? BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

Tracy Lynn said...

Why must you be so bitter? Oh right, because it amuses me.

Grant said...

pbs - veggiburgers sound evil. And not in the good way.

nyd - mmm...I loves me some Antichrist.

kira - I don't think we'd want to see models who are serious fast food eaters.

sj - he can comment on my blog if he wants.

sj - good answers too.

cda - according to all the songs, snow is cute and we all desire it for xmas. I'll trade you for some of our rain and mud.

mm - I just had Thai food so I'm over my heathen craving for your fecking Western foods.

tracy - I'm not bitter. The world is just wrong.

Monogram Queen said...

Although i'm sort of feeling the post-holiday blues i'll be kinda glad when January 5th rolls around and some semblance of normalcy returns!