Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dispelling Misconceptions

Some people have somehow somewhere gotten the idea that I am obsessed with Japanese women, which is just not right. True, Japanese schoolgirls are totally hot,
Japan Bunny!
but I also appreciate all varieties of women from all corners of the earth, such as China
China Bunny!
and Korea.
Korea Bunny!
So there. Also, Japanese stuff can be evil and not at all cute.
Evil Bunny!
Serious sidenote - I'm toying with the images under the new template. I used to resize the larger ones to be 95% the size of the panel, but with the sidebar to the left now I'm just letting them push into the open space. Depending on your resolution, resizing to 95% of the available screen space can make them larger and pixelated. Let me know if you like the images unsized, sized to fit your screen, or reduced to a fixed width with a link to the full-sized image.


SJ said...

You are a shining example of universal love and cosmopolitanism.

SJ said...

The images in this post look fine ... in content and in size

Anonymous said...

You should rewrite the old Beach Boys song to Asian girls instead of California Girls.

Monogram Queen said...

I can see just fine... and you are at least cosmopolitan in your love for asian babes!!!

~Deb said...

Hrmmm... I have an obsession with Jennifer Tilly. Is she considered "Asian"? She's half Chinese, right? She's GORGEEEOUSSSSS!

Grant said...

sj - thanks.

jgrrl - I wish they all could be (replaced by) Japanese schoolgirls.

mq - I didn't even have time to delve into the Western Asian hotties. Mmmm...Thai bunnies.

~deb - I don't count them as Asian if you have to be told that they are, but Tilly can stay. The voice and attitude make up for the gaudy American boobs.