Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy VD

It's Veteran's Day, and we celebrate my contribution to this country (the USoB) by the fact that today I'm legally allowed to demand a blowjob from anyone who didn't serve. At least I assume President Clinton put that one into law. You may think that's too much of a reward for serving in our first tour of Iraq, and granted it wasn't exactly WWII, but in the early nineties exactly how many of you were raped and killed by the Iraqi Republican Guard?

You're welcome.

BJ Bunny!


Crys said...

do you think maybe one day you could, i don't know, post a pic of beautiful mountains or i don't know, an ocean?

i challenge you to change who you are

PBS said...

Some guys might get upset with you when you ask for your "privileges" today!

SJ said...

Peace bro!

Enemy of the Republic said...

I didn't serve, but my husband did. Does that get me off the hook?

Thanks, by the way.

Anonymous said...

and I don't even have to remove my dentures.

Real Live Lesbian said...

LMAO @ jgrrl!

I'll let her take her dentures out and do mine while she's at it! ;)

Happy V Day!

Joe said...

Don't let crys pressure you to change, but feel free to post a pic of a woman posing in front of beautiful mountains or in the ocean.

Oh...by the way, thanks. And I really do mean that...but I'm going to have to go into hiding until tomorrow. I'd hate to have to perform my civic duty to demonstrate my gratitude.

Monogram Queen said...

I would have given Bill C a blow job but shhhhh don't tell the hubs for god's sake!
Happy Veterans Day! I need to contact a GA J-Bunny to give you a VD-BJ!

Grant said...

crys - why should I change when I'm perfect in every way? Especially my humility.

pbs - just to be safe, I'll stick with tiny Asian women who are easier to intimidate.

sj - war, bro!

eotr - if you post pics of giving your hubby the traditional VDBJ on your blog, you'll be off the hook.

jgrrl - but it's better without the dentures.

rll - yes, we love jgrrl despite her technically not being from the USoB.

joe - you can just invade a small country full of brown people as an alternative.

mq - make sure you explain it's for VD - you don't want her to actually have it.

Tracy Lynn said...

Happy Veteran's Day, Fathead. Thank you for your service.

And I say that with a total lack of squirtiness.

Anonymous said...

Nah, its a special I'm having just for vets - "30 day trial period - denture free" ;-)

Kerry said...

Whoever made up the Holiday names was obsessed with Sex. Or... diseases. I always say VD for Valentine's Day. It never dawned on me there is VD Veterans Day!!!!

Oh my

Avitable said...

Thank you for keeping my asshole pristine and safe from the Republican Guard.

Grant said...

tracy - but I thought your brother was Fathead. Can't I have my own moniker, like "your royal shartiness"?

jgrrl - okay, sign me up.

kerry - I should be allowed to demand bj's on both VD's.

avitable - I was saving it for my own person use.