Thursday, October 09, 2008

Why where I live is way cooler than where you live

Local county commissioner hires a Voodou priestess to get even with a political rival.

Although, if you believe in Voodou, it's probably best to not bounce checks written to a priestess of vengeance. It's kind of like not paying a contract killer. "Oh, yeah? What'cha gonna do, huh? You gonna call the police? Garnish my wages? Report me to the BBB? Hey, what's with the chainsaw?"


Kira said...

Wait--but if she never did the ritual, then why does she need the money?

I've actually SEEN a voodou ritual, so I win! It was in New Orleans, though. A friend of mine (she's a wiccan) had friends who were into voodou, and they invited us along to see. Way cool.

(this was all my way of avoiding the fact that anywhere is cooler than where I live)

Crys said...

tonight sucks. BUT.

you made me laugh.


Enemy of the Republic said...

I believe in voodoo and know how to use it. Now when are you going to start following my blog??

SJ said...

Wow I would be green with envy I weren't so burning with envy right now.

Joe said...

So wait...she's suing the county commissioner because she bounced checks for a ceremony that the priestess refused to perform?

"Sure I didn't do the work, your Honor, but she HIRED me to do it so I should get paid. It's kind of like the way Joe's job pays him while he blogs all day."

Gib said...

Unless they've changed the stupid maps without telling me again, this person is actually my personal county commissioner.

Thankfully, she lost a runoff, and will definitely be out of a job come January, which is good. Of course, that does mean she has about three months to take her revenge. Here's hoping she doesn't make up with the voodou priestess.

Monogram Queen said...

I love it and I am so contemplating looking up some voodoo down in Beaufort next week-end!

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

You win.


Grant said...

kira - she's probably on the hospital billing system.

crys - it's why I exist.

enemy - I haven't been using the follow feature, but I'll add you if it will feed your ego.

sj - you might want to have that burning sensation checked.

joe - she probably bills like an attorney and is charging for the time it took to refuse to do anything.

gib - I for one feel better about having a little voodou protection on the county payroll. I just hope her replacement isn't another xtian.

mq - see if you can voodou me up a J-bunny.

pq - in Florida you should at least be able to find a few practitioners of brujeria.

SSC~ The Domestic Diva said...

Okay that's weird. I thought Voodu was with pins and needles and a doll am I missing something?

Grant said...

ssc - there's more to Voodou than just the doll. It's kind of a collection of superstitions and includes various types of magic.

Enemy of the Republic said...

My ego is HUNGRY!

NYD said...

I got some Voodoo for you, sir. Just want to know if you want it all at once or a little at a time?

Grant said...

enemy - it is done.

nyd - if your Voodou is in the form of a Japanese woman, send it all at once.