Friday, October 03, 2008

Box is Dead

I deleted the black box widget. The concept was cool, but I found the execution lacking. The blogs it directed me to were all extremely lame, plus I have a standing rule of not making first contact with people due to a high number of Internet freak-outs at my presence. Feckin' uptight American women.


Crys said...

you need to stop hatin' on American women. we're the best women around. well, around America, that is.

Anonymous said...

I had to kill the box because it was dragging down my page load time. Plus, yeah, I hate sounding snarkish but there were some BAD blogs in there... That Chun chick's noodles look like Lipton Sidekicks lol

Joe said...

I'm going to develop one that links you to only J-bunnies who are interested in American men. Give me 5-7 years to perfect it.

Hold on. People wind up at my blog via the black box all of the time and...oh, wait...I see your point.

Grant said...

crys - American women blow. And usually not in the good way. J-bunnies rule!

jgrrl - I didn't see the Chun chick. If it worked at all, it would have lead me to some Asian honeys' sites. Instead I got rednecks and crybabies.

joe - yours must link to more popular choices. I have received no comments from people claiming to have found me via the black box. Maybe it's because my choices were between Satan and Lucifer.

Monogram Queen said...

Hey i'm not an uptight american woman! I wasn't impressed with any blogs that box directed me to either but I did like making the choices!