Friday, May 09, 2008

Bloggy Slump

As you may have noticed by the recent paucity of posting, I haven't had much to say. My mind is still a raging torrent of illogic and J-bunny obsession, but I haven't felt motivated to post about a particular topic. Any suggestions? Leave me a comment about what you want me to write about and I'll either do it or I won't.


In closing - Bunny!


Kira said...

Well, I suggest you channel my cat Chian and do a cat post. Those were hilarious. Everybody who read them can back me up. I'm sticking with that one as my #1 suggestion.

Tracy Lynn said...

Evil Pigs. Actual PIGS who are EVIL.

Or a cat post. That works too.

Tracy Lynn said...

Also, there is something wrong with the girl on the right's hips, or lack there of. How do you find these freaky chicks?

Nobius said...

I'm not usally into Oriental Women. But the one on the right if f*cking hot.

Not that I was looking, I only read the articles you know.

Jimbo Big Toe said...

I think you should write about posts that use the word paucity.

Enemy of the Republic said...

I've been bereft of insights, both evil and benign as well, hence my lousy blog output and even lousier commenting. Tell us more about Satan. Or don't. Whatever.

metalmom said...

What type of mother spawned you?(OOH! for Mother's Day!)

Why the obsession with Jbunnies?

What does Satan think of the recent visit of the pope?

And I agree with Tracy lynn--EVIL PIGS! cops or porcine-I don't care.

Kerry said...

The one on the right is cute.

Where do you get all these chicks anyways? Is there a site specifically for Discombobulatinggrant?

Kira said...

...what is funny to me is that folks think the bunny on the right is hot, but I can tell you now...Grant would prefer the one on the left. He likes the bunnies with the natural black hair color. Go ahead, Grant. Tell us! Which one is hotter to you?

Monogram Queen said...

I always like your nostalgic musings on how you were the victim of racial attacks. Fun!

グラント said...

kira - Chian did those posts, and I don't know what he's been up to lately so I can't report on him.

tracy - deviled ham rules!

tracy - there is nothing wrong with her except that you lack an appreciation for Asian flesh. And I keep finding the women in Japan - the daily news in this case.

nobius - I prefer the one on the left, so I'm okay sharing the other with you.

jimbo - there seems to be a paucity of those.

enemy - he's on vacation in Haiti. He loves the hot places for some reason.

metalmom - I hope my mother, wherever she is, is dead or at least in crippling pain, hence the absence of a mother's day post. Also, Satan is a big fan of the Catholic church - they do a lot of damage, extoll greed at every turn, and they do it in the name of the opposition.

kerry - you can have sex with that one. Post pics. And I just sometimes use Yahoo search to look for "cute Japanese women" and post the results.

kira - yes, you know me well. I like the one on the left because she just looks more naturally Japanese.

mq - I haven't had anything happen recently, so all I have are old stories, mostly from college.