Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Metalmom asked where the J-bunnies are in the new template. I decided against a Japanese theme because I know just enough Japanese to post something that would appear extremely foolish to an actual Japanese person. However, in lieu of an actual post and to allow MM to continue to use my site for masturbatory purposes, please see below.


My birthday is coming soon, so stuff her into an envelope and mail her to Atlanta. If she's anywhere near Atlanta, my bunny sense will kick in and I can track her by the smell of fear.


Patti said...

Somehow I just know you are serious. Somehow.

Tracy Lynn said...

Creepy, but beautiful. Beautiful for the obvious reasons. Creepy because she seems to be coming out of a closet.

metalmom said...

She's a little creepy because she reminds me of the chick in the original Grudge.

Thanks for the material!

Kerry said...

I love it! Minus the Grantichrist part. haha

She's a cutie. It does make me think of The Grudge though... hmmm
Maybe not so cute afterall.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Hmmm...she just doesn't do it for me for masturbatory purposes....so she's all yours! :)

Joe said...

I just shipped her off to you.

Hold on...did I punch air holes?!?

Leesa said...

YukoOgura is no Konatu Hasegawa, but you knew that. I prefer Orlando Bloom myself.

グラント said...

patti - I'm always serious about love.

tracy - I snapped the pic as she attempted an escape, then tranqed her and put her back in my closet.

metalmom - I would totally do her too.

kerry - J-horror and porn tend to overlap, so she can be creepy and hot.

pq - thanks. If you see another one like her, I will trade you for Viggo.

joe - if not, I'll just keep her in the freezer with the others.

leesa - you can keep him. I prefer Yuri Ebihara to them all.