Tuesday, March 18, 2008

People Who Should Die, #293,538

Jerkwads who pick people up predawn from my apartment complex and signal for them to come out by HONKING THEIR FECKING HORN!

There are over 600 units in my apartment complex, and offhand I can name one person who didn't need to get up at 5:00 AM this morning.

Of course, it may not have actually happened. It occurred during one of my nightmare marathons wherein I dream bad stuff is happening then I think I wake up only to discover it's another dream that feels as real as the last one. This morning I dealt with wrecking on roads made of tar and sand, followed by a bizarre apartment configuration, then I talked to friends and told them about the dreams (and repeatedly poked them to ensure I was awake), and then I awoke to find a guy dressed like a jockey standing next to my bed. I'm still not completely convinced that I'm awake now. Feckin' DST.


Tai said...

I dreamt I was wearing my Dad's shoes the other night.

Do with that as you will.

Patti said...

I have had some strange dreams as well. I think mine are drug induced though.

Kerry said...

Get a pellet gun and shoot at them next time. They honk. You shoot. They honk. You shoot. *giggle*

Could be a fun game.

SSC said...

Don't you hate that when you wake up and you think you are not dreaming and you really are?

Leesa said...

I love to dream. Then I read about your dreams and all of a sudden, an Arabian wish for a dreamless night makes sense.

What color silks was the jockey wearing?

グラント said...

tai - that means you want to have sex with me. Come here, baby.

patti - or due to a lack of the right drugs. :p

kerry - I thought of keeping a supply of bricks or rocks for just such occasions, but there are two problems. 1) they can drive away, but my apartment is stuck there for when the police arrive. 2) I'd have to get out of bed to do anything. But otherwise, yeah, sounds good.

ssc - it would be fine if they were good dreams.

leesa - tan trousers and a red checkered shirt, circa 1930's or so. Except he was well over six foot, way too big to be a jockey.

~Deb said...

You should live where I am - my neighbor downstairs CLOMPS up and down her hallway in heels and then slams the door about 20 times, because she forgot something, making our entire building shake-----at 4:30 AM. Was it a dream? I dunno. Is it a nightmare? Hell yeah.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I had this nightmare where I had to get up every morning, come to a mediocre job, trudge home and cook and clean and....hey! What the feck???

Crap...that's my real life.

I'm running away....see ya! :)