Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Booze Day, Everybody

Today we commemorate the day Saint Patrick freed the beer from the lions by wearing green. It just so happens that the next shirt in my queue was green, so I am in compliance. Here's wishing you a heavily inebriated yet relatively vomit-free holiday. Be the merry!


Tracy Lynn said...

I only celebrate gift receiving holidays.

Spider Girl said...

Top o the morning to ya! *hic*

Alas, all my Irish relatives who actually live in Ireland seem to spend this holiday in WHAT kind of holiday is that?

SSC said...

Um Yeah, sorry I will be with my kids drowning my sorrows in left over ice cream and chocolate. I wish I had beer.

Ayako1984 said...

Green's not really my colour and beer's not really my thing. But have a good one anyway. BTW my old blog disappeared cos I deleted it. Opps. =D

Leesa said...

I once thought that green beer turned urine green. Turns out it only does so when you pour the beer into urine. Which is a waste of beer, and thus, against my religion.

グラント said...

tracy - give me your address and I'll send you booze.

spider-girl - sacrilege!

ssc - ice cream is good. Especially with beer.

あやこさん - plum would look good on you. You can wear it while drinking plum wine.

leesa - hopefully the reverse doesn't explain why beer is yellow.

Patti said...

Who the hell wants to spend St. Pat's Day in CHURCH?? Not I! Grant you would have had a large time with us this past Saturday night. "the leprechaun" was highly entertaining.

Ayako1984 said...

あやこさん - plum would look good on you. You can wear it while drinking plum wine.

Coincidence! I love umeshu =D

BTW, nice to see that you're still persisting with the Japanese. Ganbatte~~~~~ ^_^