Friday, March 28, 2008


Last night I returned to my 日本語 lessons after a long work-forced hiatus. My first return lesson went well despite the fact that they are using a new book which is very different (but not better) than the old text book and my copy didn't arrive in time for me to study before class. Overall it was painful, but not too bad. Next week will be better.

As a reward for surviving the evening after another long day in the office (and because it was getting late), I grabbed dinner from McDonald's. It's been awhile since I converted to Japanese, but I'm just now beginning to understand their revulsion at our Western ways. The once welcome smell of grease now nauseates me. Still, I suppose it's important to eat food like this every once in awhile, if for no other reason than to remind myself there's never a reason to eat food like this other than to give my bowels something to turn into poo. Mission accomplished, with enough residual gas to fart me through today.

See you next year, house of clown. I hear gyoza calling my name.


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I guess I'd average a McDonalds visit MAYBE once a month....and usually that's only because Jezebel loves their french fries (honestly, so do I).

Fart your way thru the day? Sure hope you've got an office all to yourself...;)

Tai said...

I was wondering what that odour was. hmmmm, now I know.

Tracy Lynn said...

Dude, I almost never eat at McDonalds anymore. There is a teriyaki place down the street and a great cafe across from my building.

Kira said...

You're just mad you couldn't order a mega mac.

Even with two small children, I think I've escaped eating at McD's for over one year now. Woohoo! I just hate fast food is all. Sure, it's quick and easy, but I'm just getting to the point wherein I'd rather starve than eat it. I think that I've had one chick fil a meal and two Taco Bell meals in the last six months, and that'd about be the final tally on the fast food I've eaten. Does this mean I'm not an American?

Avitable said...

I understand their revulsion at our ways, but I also understand our revulsion at theirs. They're not exactly an antiseptic clean and healthy people, either.

グラント said...

pq - their fries are tasty. Maybe I can just get an order of them a couple of times a year.

tai - there's plenty more where that came from.

tracy - I've got a local Chinese place that does great takeout soup and fried rice, plus the cashier is hot and friendly.

kira - how can I fill up on only one patty and with no nuggets on the side?

avitable - I know - they eat RAW FISH! Ewww...

SSC said...

That is why they are thin, and we are over weight. They don't eat the crap we do here.

Well at least you got some good farts out of it????

Avitable said...

I'm not talking about sushi or sukiyaki. Or even the horrendous traditions of eating endangered species of dolphin, shark, and whale.

I wasn't really talking about food, but more hygiene-related habits, but octopus-flavored ice cream, umeboshi, seaweed drinks, horse sashimi, and soybean candy are a just a few revolting examples.

グラント said...

ssc - McDonald's Japan does its part by creating specials like the Mega Mac (4 beef patties), but they also tend to incorporate more activity into their daily lifestyle.

avitable - not to mention snake meat sold in the grocery, bestiality porn being legally sold in public, and I just learned that kiddie porn is legal to own, just not legal to distribute. So, yeah, each culture has something to offend the other.

Patti said...

Ummm maybe an alternate energy source in your apartment (the ass gas, that is).
I don't eat McD's very often either or any other fast food anymore.

Ashley Ladd said...

About the only thing I eat at McD's is their bagel. It's only 4 weight watcher's points. On mornings when I'm running late, it's the quickest, breakfast that's not too fattening.

I'm trying to keep my kids away from the clown. Clowns - especially McD's clown - is evil.

~Deb said...

You know, it's also known that "healthy foods" are prone to overworking those prime bowels as well.

I've been on this "health kick" for a while and let me tell ya, I worry about myself before my faulty gas tank that needs repairing. I'm the one that needs a good ol' red taggin'!

Cheers! The Americans know how to live!


グラント said...

patti - maybe I could plug myself into my car and fart my way to work.

ashley - my current employer keeps bagels around all the time. I'm not sure how many WW points, but they can't be too many because they are free.

~deb - health foods blow. I'm going on an all whiskey and twinkie diet. I'll be as invulnerable as cockroaches and Keith Richards.