Sunday, February 03, 2008

Superbowl 四十二番

It's the day of the BIG GAME, and you all know what that means - enchiladas and beer. Since football games are about as exciting as snail derbys, I have decided to enhance the experience with my own moment-by-moment commentary.

1600: initial research. Exactly who is playing in this year's game?

1617: despite all the in-depth analysis on the CNN and Fox news sites, nobody bothers to mention who is actually competing. Go Falcons!

1621: TVGuide says it's two teams beginning with the word "New". Go New Guys! Whoever wins, I'm covered.

1623: TVGuide also says it's on Fox. My cable is screwed up and doesn't show that channel, but I don't want to bother with reporting it for the sake of one channel I don't watch anyway.

Here endeth the game commentary. Oh, well - more time for enchiladas and beer.


Kerry said...

Have you been watching the game tonight!? Some of the commercials have been funny... but the half time was so disappointing. I didn't know Tom Petty was performing! Why are they picking the old farts to perform now-a-days!? Whats happened to wardrobe malfunctions and botched lip synching jobs!? Those were good entertainment!

cookie monster said...

Is that 'Fridge' chappy still playing?

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Ooo...we didn't have enchiladas...but I wish we would've. We had sausage and peppers and meatballs.

And WAY WAY WAAAAY too much beer.

Patti said...

I did enjoy the game but we had some darn good FOOD too!

Doug Murata said...

That's the best football commentary I have ever heard in my life.

I was at my parents' house on Sunday. Not for the game, but because we have a small family get-together every Sunday. The power had gone out due to our evil California winds. We got to see the last 9 minutes of the game. (That's 9 minutes according to the game clock, so we really got to see more like 30 minutes of commercials, ref calls, spotting the ball, and ... well ... commentary, and 9 minutes of guys playing football.) That said, as I understand it, it was the most exciting part of the game.

Go New Guys!

Joe said...

You started your research in 1600? That's dedication!

グラント said...

kerry - I skip the game and just watch the commercials online the following day. That way I see the high points and get to miss the dreck that is football.

cookie monster - he was the last time I watched football. I'll assume that, as in other parts of life, nothing has changed.

pq - only peppers, sausage, and meatballs with the beer? You're lucky you didn't starve.

patti - the game needs food and companionship to make it interesting.

doug - Yay! Our team won!

joe - there wasn't much else to do back then, especially here in the new world.

SSC said...

mmmm beer!!!!!

Gib said...

I spent the Super Bowl at some fancy party my wife felt professionally obligated to attend. The people were nice enough, but the food included some weird spinach concoction, chicken covered in some strange yellow goop, and a giant wad of brie.

I would have killed for enchiladas and beer.