Friday, February 22, 2008

Still Working

In case you are wondering what to get me for my birthday:


It's in May.



Patti said...

I'll be getting right on that!

metalmom said...

Okay, this is creeping me out! I just this minute told another blogger that I wanted to get one for you and Son2 for your birthdays! HONEST TO SATAN!!!

Leesa said...

Can you order online?

SSC said...

Not that I should encourage this but here you go.
They didn't have any gift certificates sorry!!!!!

~Deb said...

LOL @ Leesa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why do I have this urge to throw this little woman a steak?


Spider Girl said...

I have Japanese relatives, but most of them are probably much less cute in their underwear.

(Sorry, Uncle Yoshio...)

Tai said...

So that's one in red and one in blue?
I wonder how much shipping would be.

グラント said...

patti - don't forget the airholes this time.

metalmom - just another manifestation of my super devil powers.

leesa - if you find a link, let me know.

ssc - I actually tried them and another online place looking for Japanese penpals. No joke - women from Africa (not Japanese) offered their services for my money.

~deb - you can probably lure her better with sushi.

spider-girl - why don't you send me the pictures and let me decide.

tai - it's the same woman in different wrappings, so you can save by ordering one without the covers. I don't care about red or blue - just yellow.

Kira said...

I'm with Deb. Steak would be more beneficial than sushi. Hopefully, the steak would go straight to the breasts, too.

I can't afford either of them. Would Tsuki do?

SSC said...

Wow, to live in your shoes for one day. I would have stories for a lifetime.