Thursday, February 28, 2008


I had planned a lovely post for today. I awoke trying to decide which was more important - a large scale method for delivering physical products, or emotions trapped in dimension and time. For example, which is the greater concern - the ability to transport a billion hard drives to Pluto, or the amount of anxiety trapped near the third circle of Fault just off Io. I remember that this decision would have a critical affect on the Satan Fetus and was not to be taken likely. Then I went to the bathroom and finished waking up and the preceeding no longer made as much sense.

So, consider this a meme. Use my initial thoughts to blog your own post on this subject.


Tracy Lynn said...

I cannot believe that you are back and you didn't tell me, you fuck. I have to find out from Avitable. You will pay, damnit. I am releasing the Japanese schoolgirl I've been holding captive for your return.

That'll teach ya.

Leesa said...

Io is one of Jupiter's moons, right? I don't do well with assignments.

SSC said...

YES another meme!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!

I don't know what I would have done. I think I would have flunked this one.

Patti said...

Grant what the fuck are you talking about???? LOL

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Oh my God...that is just WAY WAY too involved for me this early in the morning. Plus I have to THINK too? Ain't happening for me today.

SSC said...

So what are the topics today? If a train was going at 500 miles and another train was going at ....

I am ready this morning bring it on.

グラント said...

tracy - exactly how long have you had her captive without telling me?

leesa - or she could be a priestess of Hera. Works either way.

ssc - fortunately the Satan Fetus is under my care.

patti - it makes perfect sense if you have the right chemicals affecting your brain.

pq - try again after the caffeine has hit your brain.

ssc - the usual topic - if train A leaves the station at 5:00 AM going 50 mph, and train B leaves at 6:00 AM going 55 mph, how can I get a date with a Japanese woman?

Okami said...

The third circle of Fault: that is fantastic pre-dawn thinking my friend.

Very well done indeed.