Wednesday, February 06, 2008


While grabbing a Mountain Dew from the caf, I noticed the headlines on one paper read "Super Suspenseful", I'm guessing their description of Super Tuesday. I likened it to the Superbowl - I didn't pay any attention to that spectacle either.

In other useful news, if you take the lyrics from Beck's song Loser, run them through this translater first into Japanese and then back into English*, the part that goes "why don't you kill me" becomes "why amn't soybean United Nations I who am killed?" Japanese can be tricky, (//begin sarcasm) unlike English which always conforms to its own rules and has no exceptions whatsoever (//end sarcasm).

* Note - I'm not crediting anyone with this idea since I've seen many people do it before, starting with Dave Barry in about 2005.


Patti said...

Ha haaaa I could get alot of amusement out of that i'm afraid!

Tai said...

"When gone emotion the long file in caution. Foul ant." THAT through your damned translator!!!

グラント said...

patti - try Japanesing your next post.

tai - your statement comes conveniently pre-confoozed. No need for Japanesing.