Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Being Critical Again

This time, I have good things to say...about Doggy Poo. That's right - it's the uplifting and spiritual story of a talking pile of dog crap as it ponders its role in the universe and eventually attains enlightenment. Or, viewed another way, it's about a creepy pile of doo-doo in the shape of a human baby that whines about being so unloved that nobody even wants to destroy it until it becomes happy by committing suicide. It's Korean, and like most Asian films such as children's tales, horror, and porn (if you think they're easy to tell apart, you've obviously not seen much Asian cinema), I think the ultimate goal is not to entertain or enlighten so much as to psychologically scar it's victims viewers for life.

As for me, I can only report that I smiled the whole way through. I found it amusing and touching in equal measures. Then again, I use the opening scene of Suicide Club for masterbation material (awww...they're so かわい!).* I would recommend parents watch Doggy Poo before exposing it to their children, but it would be so much more fun to just plop them down in front of it and see how it affects them. "Timmy? Why are you sticking your head in the oven?"

NetFlix users can view Doggy Poo online here. Foreign films - they's so classy.

* Yes, I can successfully jackoff in under two minutes. Don't bother asking my secret - it's just years of practice.


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...
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Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

You know, I may be able to get The PK to watch this "Doggy Poo". I was rather surprised when I went to the IMDB and found all those favorable comments about it.

While I'm at work, I can't comment about masterbation. It gets me too hot and bothered and then I can't concentrate worth a shit.

Dammit....where was I?

Leesa said...

I don't tend to watch movies where the trailer says, "Guaranteed to scar you for life." Of course, I have not seen many Oscar-nominated films lately.

Doug Murata said...

I read the book. I also bought the DVD, but I haven't had time to watch it yet. I can't imagine the DVD will differ very much from the book, though.

~Deb said...

Ok. Traumatized for life after watching Suicide Circle.

No Valentine's wish for you !!!!!!!!!

~Deb said...

I feel sick.


グラント said...

pq - it's the perfect thing to set the mood for VD.

leesa - avoid Japanese and Korean films. Psychological scarring is usually a freebie with the entertainment.

doug - which book - Suicide Club or Doggy Poo?

~deb - that was only the opening. You should see the musical number. Seriously - there's singing and torture and murder and home improvement and animal abuse all in one scene.

~deb - come here, baby. I'll make you feel all better. We'll eat sushi and drink sake and watch Suicide Club.

metalmom said...

I love Asian cinema! I will definitely have to check this out.You'd better not let me down!

Did you see "Audition"? That was pretty cool.

グラント said...

metalmom - Audition is one of my favorites, by my favorite of all directors - Takashi Miike. Ichi the Killer is great too, although my personal favorite of his is The Happiness of the Katakuris. It's (seriously) a dark comedy musical with some scenes in claymation.

Patti said...

TMI TMI TMI *laughs hysterically*