Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Quik Food Notes

You can tell I’m rushed because I didn’t have time to include the “c” in the word “Quik” above. I will now use the time I saved to make a cup of tea.

I’ve been eating more fish lately, still working up the nerve to try sushi again. So far I’m sticking with cooked fish, but I’ve been experimenting with the recipes. I had one more piece of salmon, and rather than eat salmon teriyaki again (which is very good, but I’ve had it several times already) I looked to my spices for inspiration. I still have a load of Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Magic Seasoning blends from my days as an American, including his Blackened Red Fish blend. It’s good, but the instructions call for you to coat the fish with butter, because why eat healthy if you don’t have to? Note – Chef Paul could stand to drop a pound or two hundred.

Anyway, I wanted to try a healthful substitute, so instead of slathering on the butter, I soaked the filet (skin side up) in a shallow dish with some sake. After ten minutes, I shook the excess sake loose, sprinkled the spices on the flesh, and wok-fried the fish for five minutes (skin side down), then flipped it and fried it for one more minute. Blackened fish goes well with J-food, in this case a bowl of rice and miso soup. I did have to use a little canola oil (less than a tablespoon) to keep it from sticking, but that’s still better than butter-coating the entire fish.



patti_cake said...

Awww bring on the butter baby!
Seriously Grant I don't know any guy who would go to these lengths to totally change his life/nutrition in such a positive way. Hats off to you. Most southern rednecks I know eat chicken wangs (yeah wangs not wings), nachos, big greasy bacon cheeseburgers. My arteries are clogging just typing the words!

Tai said...

mmm raw fish mmm

Try something 'easy' at first...like salmon maki then work your way up to nigri sushi and then, for the piece de resistance...HAMACHI SASHIMI!

oooh, I'm drooling.

Kira said...

I LOVE sushi. I think the nigiri sushi is my top choice...toro I think is the higher quality marbled tuna...oh yum! And yellowtail. And salmon. I admit to eating it the western way--I put the wasabi in my soy sauce which, as I understand it, horrifies real sushi chefs. Then I dip the sushi in the wasabi/soy sauce mixture, and oh yum yum yum. I hated fish as a child, but as an adult I found I can eat it cooked or raw as long as it's high quality sushi grade fish. I've bought sushi grade tuna before and prepared it rare, and man was it delicious. I'll eat sushi with you, Grant! There's a fabulous place in my little town. Come visit and we can go :)

Grant said...

patti_cake - thanks, but I'm mostly changing just because it tastes better, it's cheaper, and easier to make than regular American fare.

tai - I think I might start with the california roll first, then slowly move up the fish chain. Tonight I'm eating at Umezono again, but I'm sticking with cooked fish.

kira - does it have hot J-waitresses there?

Tracy Lynn said...

Actually, a little oil or butter, as long as it's not hydrogenated, is very healthy. Fragile, though; you have to keep them in the fridge, and buy the small containers because they go rancid if kept too long.

I still say that if you are determined to cook fish at home, it's best to go to the fish monger. I shop at Wild Oats, kind of like organic market, and I still think the selection is better at the fish market.
I'm going to try that, though maybe with halibut.

Okami said...

You are in good sushi company here Grant, I love it, as does Messiah and his better half...

Keeping working your way towards it again, and when you feel like having it, choose a really good restaurant and you'll be fine.

Good luck.

(By the way, thank-you for linking me on your blog list; that was very kind of you.)

messiah said...

grant, if you're not sure about sushi - you could hold off until you're travelling near the coast.

i made sure to do sushi when i was in vancouver - there's something challenging about getting really fresh product when you're inland. but with modern transportation - not impossible.

the first place i tried locally was recommended by a friend. his japanese friends who had recently emigrated ate there. maybe your j-instructor could make a suggestion ?

Ayako said...

You got the Japanese typing to work! Good job =D

SJ said...

Its fishy how... hmmm ...err. Ok giving up attempt ot make a cheesy joke if you don't like butter then you won't like teh cheese too wld ya?

Anonymous said...

you musta tried sushi at some awful place to be so affected...

man, even our charcoal chicken shop sells rice, vietnamese rolls and curry.