Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Rice Notes

Last night I tried a new recipe for miso soup involving short-necked clams. I didn’t know clams had necks, but that’s what they’re called. It was okay, although a little fishy for me. The fishy thing is the last obstacle preventing me from becoming Japanese, so I’m working on it. Look at all the fishies at the bottom of the sea. Who would like to join them? Who would like to join them? Who…

At least the rice was good. Since the soup was only meh I went ahead and added soy sauce to the rice and ate that as the main part of the meal. I think I can understand why the Japanese get upset if you do that.
J-usagi: “Here, we have prepared a lovely and nutritious meal of fish and rice for you.”
American Redneck: “Feck that noise. Give me some cat food. And a soup bowl lid to eat it from.”

Actually, Japanese cat food is comprised of soy sauce, rice, and fish, which sounds pretty good to me. Soy sauce and rice is quite tasty. So is rice and hot Chinese mustard, or rice and hot and sour sauce, or rice and duck sauce. The one thing I didn’t like before was just plain rice. That’s mostly because I had a tendency to eat one part of the meal at a time, and unflavored rice is has all the taste of Styrofoam, except that you can’t use it to make homemade napalm. Yes, I actually do have a recipe for homemade napalm thanks to my military training. No, I will not post it here. You members of Al Qaeda will have to keep looking.

Anyway, as long as I’m forcing myself to change my eating habits (hara hachi bunme and all that) I’ve begun alternating eating the rice with the other tidbits, which makes it much tastier. As long as I’m having something with the rice, I think I’ll eat it plain.

Yes, it’s the official “Grant Eats Rice and Then Blogs About It” web site. That sound you hear is your brain cells committing suicide.


Leesa said...

Any time I reach for the soy sause, it is a non-verbal cue that I am eating sub-par Asian food.

Anonymous said...

You're right that it's best to eat your rice WITH the rest of your meal.

If made correctly, "plain" rice should NOT taste like styrofoam.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

My brain cells plan on "going out" by being drowned in alcohol. they're taking numbers even as we speak...;)

Grant said...

leesa - I love soy sauce to the point that I could practically drink it like sake (which, ironically, I don't care for at all).

hdd - bear in mind that you're talking to a Southerner who was raised to believe all foods should be breaded and fried, including mustard, so that's why unflavored rice used to seem bland to me.

pq - good for you. I hate to drink alone, so it's good to know you're out there having one with me in spirit.

listlessone said...

"That sound you hear is your brain cells committing suicide." Is it coo if I quote this on my blog sometime and give you credit? =-) Unless, of course, you've taken them from somebody else...in which case for I asked. hehe.

Grant said...

listlessone - I made that one up, so you can feel free to use it. Thanks for visiting.