Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

Just a quick Thanksgiving update:

Last night I burned dinner, a frozen pizza. I did this because I was busy testing a new UPS (battery backup system) on my computer. The new UPS boasted 40+ minutes of running time - I got 13. My old system still holds for 35 minutes, so I'm returning the new one when the stores reopen. Going into Best Buy on the day after Thanksgiving - sounds like fun.

After ruining that meal, I remembered I had an Italian Sausage lasagna from Harry's Farmers Market (the non-frozen deli kind) which I had originally planned to have for dinner but forgot. Into the oven it went as I repacked the new UPS for return. Yep - I burned dinner again. Fortunately I had the remains of a spinach salad in the fridge. It made it to the table unburned, although it was a close call.

Today I went to Denny's for their Thanksgiving meal, only to find they didn't actually do a Thanksgiving meal. I wondered where I had gotten the idea that they did, and then I remembered it was another of my mother's tales. She always liked to fill my head with BS just for the entertainment value of watching me endure various mistakes and hardships. At least this fib didn't cost me any money. Anyway, I was hungry after burning two dinners the night before and skipping breakfast today, so I had the steak and shrimp for Thanksgiving. Turkey - fah. I think I'm looking at a new tradition here.

I've had a few questions asked of me in my comments, but I haven't responded. I haven't forgotten everybody, I've just been recently busy. I'll create a post with the answers soon, if not this weekend then sometime next week.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Peace on Earth and death to telemarketers and people who put Chinese food menus under my windshield wipers.


Liz said...

Good luck with the Best Buy trip. Hope you survive. Might want to pick up a timer for those meals too. Could help with the burning scenarios. Happy Thanksgiving.

Just Some Gal said...

Did you survive today?

Sorry about the meals and Denny's being a bust.

Take care and oh yeah, death to the ones that shove the menus in my door of my apt...dammit!!

sands of time said...

A little late
But happy thanksgiving
sounds like you were set for an interesting day if it was anything like the day before.

AVA said...

Yeah!! death to the telemarketers!!
Happy Thanksgiving Grant. A big hug all the way from Mexico.

angel, jr. said...

I got one of those screening options on my phone. Doesn't work, telemarketers still get thru.