Friday, September 16, 2005


From Ava:

What I miss from my childhood:
1. Having a lot of friends. In the first and second grade I was popular, even voted Most Humorous by a jury of my peers. Classes were small in that rural part of Kentucky, usually about 18 – 24 per grade, but I got along with just about everybody. All that changed when my parents divorced, I got stuck with my mother, and we moved frequently. The first place we went took us across the border into Tennessee, where kids are taught to hate everyone from Kentucky.
2. Running barefoot through the woods, swinging on vines, climbing cliffs, and finding a forgotten Civil War cemetery in the forest.
3. Naiveté.
4. Facing the juvenile court instead of the real one.
5. Having no serious responsibilities during my teen years.

What I'm never going to miss:
1. Parents – people who get to rule every aspect of your life and yet never had to take a test or get a license.
2. Snakes. One slithered over my bare foot when I was just standing in the yard. Like, ewww.
3. My siblings who loved to prey on my naiveté.
4. Lacking the size and strength to kill everyone who had it coming (see #1).
5. Not being wise enough to appreciate the fact that I had no serious responsibilities during my teen years.

As usual, I tag nobody since you may be too busy to do this meme and if you ignore my summons I will have no logical remaining choice but to envision you in my voodoo doll and stab its eyes out, but I encourage you all to participate all the same.

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