Friday, September 09, 2005

The News Makes the News Again

While watching the morning or possibly evening news, I heard the pretty Fox reporter announce that the place from which she reported had all the supplies they needed, but lacked volunteers to process the stuff. Then she turned the broadcast over to the sports team without ever saying where the place was or how to contact them. I checked their web site, and then CBS’s web site, but didn’t find any useful information about where and how to volunteer. I know most places are saying “Don’t help – just give us your money and blindly count on us to spend it,” but I’m out of money and can only help by donating my valuable, precious time. If anybody knows where to go to volunteer, please let me know. If you suggest I help Katrina’s victims by waxing your car and mowing your lawn, please be advised that I will kill you. A lot.

Note – CBS did have a link to the Red Cross, but they only need local volunteers to work the phones (sorry, people, but you will all die before I take your call) and even then only during business hours. Apparently people don’t suffer during the evenings or on weekends.


Libélula said...

It's f*cking terrible the way the're handling things, sad!!!

Weary Hag said...

Jeeze Grant, I have no idea what to suggest. I only realized yesterday that they aren't even allowing the Red Cross anywhere near NO. That kinda floored me for like 10 seconds.
Good of you to want to volunteer in person, but be careful babe, the way things are being handled down there, you could end up on a plane headed to Iraq by mistake.

annush said...

I want to volunteer. My plan is to head down there with Habitat for Humanity once they let people in. If I were closer I'd go now but I don't want to add to the problem or spend money in BS like housing that I could very easily donate.