Sunday, September 04, 2005

Daily S’update

Today I had breakfast at Denny's, something I haven't done since last December. As far as I could remember, the same staff still works there. The food was decent and the service good. I got the cute waitress, the one with the tight butt and European hairstyle (sort of shaved on one side with long strands hanging to her nose). She actually flirted with me a little, which still counts even though she's gay and would probably set herself ablaze before dating me. I guess my date with NBD is still theoretically on.

I just made another donation to the Humane Society. For some reason it rankled me that I had donated more money to help the humans than the doggies and kitties, so I evened the donations and added a dollar to the HSUS for good measure. So that's two day's salary (before taxes and deductions) plus a dollar to help Katrina's victims, some of which may stand on two legs. Are you watching, Santa? If I don't get that pony this year I'm having elf guts for garters.

As before, I’m dedicating today’s contribution in the name of my former dog just so you won’t think I actually give a fig what happens to anybody.


I just wanted to point out that Zorzan, although possibly thoroughly evil, is still better than you. Zorzan also has $6 remaining in his checking account and will be eating in for awhile. Time for homemade lasagna and spinach salad.


Valkyrie said...

Mmm. Homemade lasagna. Sounds yummy!

annush said...

turkey and spinach are also a nice cheap option :)

Libélula said...

God I love Denny's!!!

Butterscotch said...

Elf guts? Isn't it Santa that you should take it out on?