Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Day Sixteen

I’m over the halfway point of what began as an experiment and will now be a permanent change, although when it’s over I’m going to bring barbecue and waffles back onto the menu – sparingly. I’m going to stick with naturally made foods instead of the stuff crammed with mega-sugars and unpronounceable chemicals. Sodas are definitely out. Note – if you own stock in Pepsico, sell it before this announcement gets around. At the beginning I didn’t know how I would survive without my daily dose of Mountain Dew. Now I don’t know why I liked them so much in the first place. It probably has a lot to do with drinking the stuff daily since birth. Sometimes the baby formula would run low, and mom had to switch to Pepsi. :p

Otherwise, feelin’ fine. I bench pressed over a ton yesterday, although not all at once, and I managed to do it while not looking foolish in front of the ladies. Normally they all run and hide when I begin, but then suddenly emerge ninja-like to flash me a surprised and pitying look when I’m on my last set, arms trembling like I’ve been hit with nerve gas as I struggle to lift fifty pounds over my head. Then I want to shout “I’m on my last set, I swear!” but I usually pretend not to notice their stares just as they pretend they weren’t staring in the first place. Denial is such a wonderful thing.


annush said...

GOod for you! I'm so glad you've found the change positive :)
As for the bench pressing, you should do what my friend does: While at the gym, he'll only lift as much as he can without any shaking or panting. When we hang out though (as he seems to have a thing for fat girls and I'm the thinnest person he knows) he will always try to bench press me. In his mind, it's far more manly to shake, pant and sweat while holding a hot girl over your head. Whatever works, right?

Toad734 said...

If you are into the sweets thing, I think it's Welch’s who makes an all fruit juice, no sugar added pop-sickle. It's not easy to find either.