Monday, February 07, 2005

No Soup For You!

Actually, no sandwich for me. I failed to meet last week’s writing goal. Tuesday I cleaned and prepared for company, Wednesday I had company, Thursday I goofed around, Friday I felt tired, Saturday I lost track of time, and Sunday I attended a party. I did get some writing done but fell short of my assigned goal, so no Baldinos sub this week.

This week I’m setting another short writing goal, partially because I just want to get moving again and partially because I just rented the Lord of the Rings ultra-mega-maxi trilogy (total of 16 discs) and I plan to watch the movies this weekend. So, my goal for the week (through Sunday) is 3,500 words. Succeed and I will buy more music for Satan Sue. Fail, and I will break one of my toes with a hammer (I think the second to smallest one on the left foot).

I want my freakin’ sandwich, out

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