Monday, February 14, 2005

Marathon Man

Last Sunday I finally got to have my personal Lord of the Rings filmfest. Since I don’t have any living room furniture, I shoved my office chair aside and dragged my queen-sized inflatable mattress in front of the TV. I covered it with sheets, blankets, a goose down comforter, and a pile of pillow thus making my own giant banquet couch. Armed with a box of microwaveable popcorn and loads of Mountain Dew, I watched all three LotR movies, the extended versions with the deleted scenes restored to their rightful places.

I learned several things that day. First of all, I can no longer stand to sit around and watch TV all day long, no matter how good the show. Second, everyone who likes the LotR series should see the extended version since nearly 17% of the original material was cut before being released to the theatres. Third, goose down magnetically attracts popcorn tidbits.
Naturally, my dreams were affected by so much exposure to TV radiation. In one dream, I was a nameless hobbit fighting in a battle with makeshift armor comprised of crockery and armed with a wooden trident. In the next, I was a dark wizard with an enchanted shotgun (it could be left hovering in midair to guard passages and doors).

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