Saturday, February 12, 2005

Lazy Day

Saturday is usually my lazy day, spent mostly on naps and reading, recovering from soul-sucking hell which is my job in cubeland. So, I didn’t accomplish much today. I slept in late, phoned my mother (who is doing fine), read, thoroughly cleaned my electric razor, did the dishes, some laundry, wrote, went to the gym, did some shopping (the advertisers have succeeded in turning Valentine’s Day into another commercial rampage – the electronics stores were flooded with customers), read some more, did another load of wash, and wrote some more.

On second thought, I did get some things done. For one, I met my weekly writing goal today which meant I got to have my Baldinos sub after all. Plus I don’t have to break a toe, which is also a good thing. Tomorrow I’m having my Lord of the Rings marathon, all three movies complete with deleted scenes, and I’ll be fitting in whatever writing I can, but no pressure since I already made my goal.

I’m setting another wuss goal for next week – 4,000 words by Monday, February 21. I’m keeping it low since there may be a party and, if so, I may be invited. We’ll see.

- Satiated, out

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Nobius said...

You know my job has been soul sucking lately.

Didn't used to be that way but a merger, a salesforce reorginization, and internatl management power battles will do that to you.


Listen, not sure if I ever invited you to join buy the Amateur Publishing Association I belong too is looking for members if you'd be interested.

I'd love to see more of your work by the way.

The New Man in Black