Monday, January 31, 2005

Writing News

Success! I have achieved my writing goal for January, which brings a double reward - I treated myself to a Baldinos sub called the American Army (basically a club sandwich with more club sandwich on it), and I don't have to set myself on fire. Life is good.

I've decided in the future I will assign myself weekly writing goals. Daily goals are too easy to miss on an off day, and I can't predict the future well enough to set a good monthly goal. This week (through Sunday) I will write at least 3,000 words, which is a pathetic goal under normal circumstances, but I promised myself a Lord of the Rings marathon this weekend. If I fail to meet this goal, I will forego next week's sandwich.

Uncharred, out


Ali said...

Congrtz!!! if u fore go the sandwich...umm..can I have it? :D

Grant said...

I think I just blew the weekly writing goal on a late invitation to a Superbowl party, so place your order now.

Ali said...

Pastrame (sp?) with mozzerella, on garlic bread... Mmmmm.... I know what Im getting for lunch tomorrow. O.o

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