Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Round One

It’s NetFlix vs. Blockbuster (I hate Wal-Mart, so they’re not included) in a steel cage, no holds barred, all out death match to see which one keeps my business. The initial results are in, and my findings are:

Good: their web site is faster, easier to access, has a better interface, a much better search engine, more features (like the newly added Friends section) and more custom account settings. The queue is easier to manage and they have more titles from which to choose. The site contains more information on the movies, as does the disc sleeve.
Bad: actually getting them to send you a disc requires a joint act of god and Congress.

Good: discs ship promptly and usually arrive ahead of schedule. The service includes two free in-store rentals per month. They’re also slightly cheaper.
Bad: everything else is inferior to NetFlix. Compared to most commercial web sites, Blockbuster’s is a pain to navigate.

In theory, NetFlix is far superior. I’m rooting for them, but it’s not looking pretty. I would forgive their one teensy little flaw, but NOT SENDING ME DISCS kind of blows the whole deal. I finally received Pearl Harbor (after nearly three months of trying). NetFlix estimated it would take five days to reach me, but they were late by a day.

Pearl Harbor tries to be a great love story and a great war move, but falls short on both. I would almost list it as a guilty pleasure except it’s too long. The dialog was stolen from every bad pulp war novel written, and the war scenes are the usual sensationalized, over the top Hollywood material. Also, the subtitles were too small to read. If you’re looking for a more accurate depiction of the attack on Pearl Harbor, I recommend Tora cubed. For a better war movie, see Saving Private Ryan. If you’re in the mood for a great love story, you’re a wuss and I can’t help you.
Critical, out

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