Sunday, January 23, 2005

The Dream is Over

The Atlanta Falcons just lost to the Philadelphia football team (I think they're called the Cheese Steakers). I'm crushed. I've been following the Falcons' progress since the post game show today. Apparently they made it to the playoffs and, despite the efforts of some guy named Vick, they lost. I'm blaming the weather. And voodoo.

So, who do I root for in the Superbowl now? The Steakers crushed my hopes and dreams, but they have green uniforms, and green is my favorite color. I guess it depends on the opposition. The Patriots and Steelers are playing tonight, and I plan to stay glued to the computer and miss the whole thing. Since the Patriots won last year (I think), I'd rather have the Steelers advance. Then I'd like to see the Steelers win Superbowl MMMCMXXLVII pi r ^2. The Steakers must pay for our crushing defeat, unless it was a close game, in which case they must pay for their slender victory, unless they won in a last minute rush, in which case they must pay for toying with our emotions. Besides, the Steelers have some really cool uniforms even if they're not green.

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