Sunday, November 28, 2004

The Horror

Now that I have my whipped cream (which I intend to put on my chocolate pecan pie), I realize that the cream to pie ratio is too high (mostly because I've already eaten a few pieces sans cream). This reminds me of how they used to sell hot dogs by eights and buns in packages of tens, except the math was easy in that scenario: five packages of hot dogs and four of buns equals forty of each. Things may not work out so evenly in this case. OMFG! I may be eating pie with whipped cream forever, trying to get them to balance.

Oh, well. We all have our crosses to bear. Some people are poor, unhappy, smelly, ugly, married, homeless, hopeless, helpless, and/or stupid, whereas I may have to spend my long and easy life eating a lot of pie. Apparently I'm cursed. Don't get too close to me, especially not when I have chocolate cream or cherry unless you want to risk a fork in the eye.

The horror, the horror, out

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