Monday, August 30, 2004

Why I Don't Like Religious Peoples, Number 3,187,005

Like always, let me preface this rant with my usual wussy cop-out touchy-feely disclaimer: I am not directing these comments at the devoutly religious, i.e. the ones who take their religion seriously, try to learn its tenets (e.g. attending church, reading the bible, etc.), and make a serious effort to abide by their own rules. I don't agree with you, but I do respect you.

As for the rest (99%) of you, please drop dead.

Today's gripe is about the labeling of the non-religious. I am proud to say that I happen to fall into that category, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. If I were allowed to assign myself a label, I would choose "Firm Non-Believer." It signifies that I don't make the omnipresent claim that I absolutely know how the universe is hard-wired, but that I have seriously considered the matter and I don't believe the prevalent god theory is the correct one. Unfortunately, this is not allowed.

Every religion I have encountered, if they even acknowledge the non-religious as anything other than "bad people," has two basic categories - Atheist and Agnostic. Of course they have their own definition for each, as well as why each is wrong.

They claim Atheists say "I know there is no god" to which the religionists reply that the only way to absolutely know there is no god would require one to be on god's level, i.e. all-knowing. I believe they make a good point there.

Agnostics say "I don't know, but you can't know either" to which the religionists claim that they do in fact know for certain because they feel his presence and see his touch in all the blah blah skippy yadda yadda yadda make me fucking puke. This seems to be in partial conflict with the earlier rule. Admit it people, there is no proof. It wouldn't be a religion if there was. Proof denies faith, which most religions think is kind of important. When you claim to know of the existence of god, what you're actually saying is that you believe. Well, jolly good for you; I don't.

The thing I hate the most is how most religionists treat non-believers as undecided, like I just haven't thought things through because, if I had, I would agree with them. I have a moral code and religious beliefs which are every bit as valid as theirs. For instance, I strongly believe that if you want to preach to me, I have the moral authority to set you on fire.

And for those of you who claim to be a member of a certain sect but don't attend any religious ceremonies, or read your scriptures, or make any effort to follow your church's guidelines, or even know what those are beyond some vague rhetoric, let me say: I'm sorry I misjudged you. I like your way of thinking. Starting now, I declare myself rich and handsome.

Thanks to The Sublime Flamingo for giving me something to rant about.

Flame, out


Jef said...

Excellent Rant. You know my felings on the matter.

The probligo said...

There's a lot of it about...even may have caught the disease myself.

Funny though how many religious commentators talk themselves into a corner...

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