Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Theological Question

Blogging has been light here lately, and I don't just mean me. It seems most of my favorites have had little to say (Sublime - big notable exception). Anyway, to help break this pattern, I awoke way too early this morning with the following question trotting around my overheated brain:

For those of you who insist the bible is not a fable, anecdote, or mythology (by which I mean the ones who insist it is a true and accurate historical record), explain to me where the guy was standing while writing the 1st books of genesis. You know, the guy who was standing around with a writing instrument taking down what god was doing while creating the earth, the guy writing all that down before god made the first man.

Of course, some will claim that god filled in the bible writers at a later time, but I don't remember that being in there; must be an editorial oversight. Anyone who has a version of the bible that explains that, please show it to me. Note - I will expect an autographed copy.

Amen (read: take that), out

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