Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I Salute You

I'm dedicating today's musical selection to those of you returning to school tomorrow. I chose We Die Young by Alice in Chains. It was either that or Paranoid (Black Sabbath) or War Zone (Slayer). Have fun.

NOTE TO STUDENTS - That whole permanent record thing is a bluff, so you can take things as far as you want assuming whatever you're into doesn't involve prison time.

NOTE TO STUDENTS WHO ARE INTO THINGS THAT INVOLVE PRISON TIME - even then, you're young and they'll probably go easy on you, especially for a 1st offense. I say go for it.

Academic, out

1 comment:

Lor said...

:) Hehe, I got me a Donnie Darko shirt for tomorrow.

Oh yeah, and good idea for an unholy zombified undead army of the night made up of(possibly catholic) high school girls who are frequently of Asian descent. Wow, that's a mouthful. FB's rolls off the tongue much easier.