Thursday, August 19, 2004

And speaking of tattoos...

Over the years, I've given thoughts to getting one. I'm out of my torso-sized inverted crucifix with intertwined cobra phase, and I've never been in a swastika on the forehead phase, and I just outgrew my skull on the face phase, so what's left? I was thinking of one of the classics, the flaming skull with the knife in its teeth surrounded by a banner beginning with "Born to..." The question is, Born to What? Here are a few ideas I have compiled - Born to:
  • Be Wild
  • Write (truth is boring)
  • Do Your Daughter
  • The Confusion
  • Be Born Again (better suited for xtians)
  • Rape and Kill
  • Have a Tattoo
    As a modification, the above could continue by saying "That Says Born to Have a Tattoo That Says..." The picture would curl in on itself endlessly until they have to tattoo me with a laser guided by an electron microscope.

Any preferences or suggestions?


Frogstar said...

Born to be a pigeon.

Born to die.

Born to rock your socks.

Born 2 Program (hahah)

Nico Rivas said...

Truth is not boring, is everything