Friday, July 30, 2004

Quick Rant

What is up with the people of my generation (you know who you are)? I've been cruising the google blogs for a few weeks now, and most of the ones I've found from people near my age consist of grocery and to-do lists, complaints about their miserable jobs, and lamentations of lost love (there's my daily alliteration). Not that I'm trying to trivialize anyone's pain, but I have all the "I need bread, my job sucks, and nobody loves me" I need. Where's the passion, people? The dreams? The psychotic ramblings? You're telling me I can't find nut-jobs on the Internet? What has this world come to? I remember when I was your age and everything cost a nickel and I had to walk to and from school, uphill, both ways, through three feet of snow under the blazing July sun...

Ah, who am I to resist. My to-do list:
  1. Buy bread.
  2. Find true love, or a cheap tart, or something in-between.
  3. Write at least 500 words tonight.
  4. Halle Berry.

Thoreau once asserted that most people lost more than they gained as they aged. Let's not let the smug bastard be right.

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