Thursday, July 15, 2004

The Corporate Gods...

...may be trying to tell me something.
Over the past three years, while learning to cope with my rotten and boring McJob, I have developed a schedule that allows me to spend as little time in the office as possible and more time sleeping, eating, reading, running errands, and watching movies. I call it telecommuting - I accomplish just as much while spending less time trapped in a cubicle with nothing better to do than update my blog.
Anyway, after three years of slipping in and out unnoticed, I encountered one of my five bosses twice in one week while coming in late to work. The first time was in the parking deck where she latched onto my car like I was towing her and rode my tail until I made the unorthodox move of cutting across an empty section. She, of course, slowed and refused to deviate from the designated lanes. She may not have noticed me as I followed her at a distance into the building. That was Monday.
Wednesday, having not learned my lesson, I drove to work even later and detoured by the post office to return some DVDs to NetFlix. I get stuck behind some complete moron who won't turn into the parking lot until all traffic is clear within the Eastern time zone. The idiot finally turns, then stops just inside the lot and debates where to go next. Meanwhile, I had made my turn but now found myself with the ass-end of my car blocking traffic. After a few more tentative starts, we finally near the post office and the other car eventually selects the parking spot I wanted. Don't ask me why I didn't recognized her car from Monday. I guess it's because those silver Honda Accords are so nondescript. Any, the boss lady gets out and heads inside the post office with her mail. I waited a few seconds, then dropped my stuff in the box in the vestibule and slipped out. Again, I have no idea if she saw me. Any normal human would have noticed, but she's basically oblivious.
I should point out that, in both cases, I didn't realize it was her until she stepped out of her car. I'm glad I'm not the type to scream at offensive drivers. It doesn't matter that she was just as late as me in both cases. She's considered to be low-level management, which means she actually is allowed to telecommute.
In retrospect, these incidents are a perfect metaphor for her leadership ability - an enthusiastic follower unless entering into uncharted territory, wherein she prefers to slow down, back off, and follow whatever guidelines she can find, no matter how pointless. When forced to make a decision, she takes as long as she can to enact the safest decision for her. The sad part is that she is not my most indecisive boss.

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