Wednesday, April 06, 2011

An actual post! With words!!

But only because Formspring can't handle a question this long.

My manager wanted me to kick off the second quarter with a sales presentation featuring a pie chart to represent our department's success and assumed feelings about such, so I bought a cherry pie and messily devoured it in front of the team. Then I shouted "I have pie! You have no pie! You should all feel sad, ne?" Then my manager said the meeting was a failure and made a note in my HR record saying I didn't understand the concept of pie charts. Should I have gone with my original idea to moan "brains" and pretend I was a zombie while eating the pie? I didn't want to over-act since this was just after the first quarter and we missed our fiduciary goals by three percent. Also, for the next meeting, should I do pie chart with cake? I'm jonesing for some frosting.

In other news, you should get on Formspring now. Formspring will replace Twitter and Facebook as the relevant social networking site. Formspring Formspring Formspring bitches. Be there, or be an ocelot.


Knight said...

I love pie. Are you hiring?

SJ said...

I love being an ocelot

Anonymous said...

An actual post with words! Yes! As an ocelot, I miss these. I'm just not snappy enough for Formspring. WAAHHH!

Grant said...

Knight - we are, but we only pay in cake.

SJ - you ocelots always say that.

PAMO - Formspring is easy. Just string a bunch of random words together and end with a question mark.