Monday, March 28, 2011

Time to start the week off right

Via bunny!


April said...

This weekend I was at a gathering for the people who use electronic cigarettes. There was one Asian girl there and she was surprisingly hot! All I could think of was you. I tried taking a pic of her for you, but I didn't want to be obvious. I know someone else there took her picture. I'll find it and show you. She even had a nice ass!

Jay said...

Happy Monday!

Anonymous said...

Grant! Just when my day had hit a lull, I find a comment from you on my blog. I'm still laughing!
Too bad for you- you're still my favorite bad ass nice guy out there. You'll just have to live with that. Happy Monday!

tiff said...

that is one adorable girl.

therefore, I hate her.

Captain Dumbass said...

Yay Monday!

Maundering mutterer said...

Happy Monday, Grant. I have been pondering the deeply complex questions you have posted recently and will probably do so all week. Nice bunny.

Avitable said...

Recently, your posts have had less content than mine, even!

Robin said...

i feel so much better now, thanks.

Grant said...

April - stop teasing and make with the bunny pics.

Jay - happy Bunnyday!

PAMO - I've renamed it Bunnyday to make the day brighter. So, happy Bunnyday!

tiff - she probably weighs less than 90 lbs and will outlive us both. Hate away.

Captain Dumbass - it's Bunnyday now.

Maundering mutterer - you should get on Formspring. I have even more questions there.

Avitable - yes! I win! In your face!

Robin - bunny makes everything better.