Thursday, March 10, 2011

More Words

Meme continues. W00t.

Day #4: Favorite Adventure – Raiders of the Lost Ark. That movie is just raw fun.

Day #10: Biggest Let-Down – Batman (the 80’s Tim Burton one). I say letdown because of all the hype that surrounded it. It was the first movie I ever saw advertised for a full year before it hit theaters. Shirts and posters were sold, songs were sung, the news occasionally gave them some extra free advertising, etc. And then we saw the film. While we all agreed that it wasn’t bad, it was just that no film could have lived up to that much advance press.

Day #18: Movie You Can Watch On Loop – The Dark Knight, especially any scene with Heath Ledger. Close second – Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, especially any scene with Hunter S. Thomson on drugs.

Day #16: Favorite Movie Based On A Book – also Fear and Loathing. Least favorite – Where the Buffalo Roam. If you like Hunter S. Thomson and see that movie, you’ll be disappointed. If you’re unfamiliar with his work, you’ll likely be confused.


Jay said...

They've been talking for years about making a movie from The Rum Diary. With Johnny Depp, of course. I hear it's actually, finally be completed and will be released sometime this year.

Captain Dumbass said...

#4 Hell's ya.

I just heard that the guys who did The Blind Side have bought the rights to Blade Runner. They're going to do a prequel and sequel too.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Total w00t, dude.

Avitable said...

I was too young to see hype about the original Batman, so I remember loving it. Now, though, I'm not quite the fan.

Heath Ledger's Joker is one of the best cinema characters of all time.

dr.alistair said...

yeah, heath seemed to capture the essense of psychopathology in that role.

he also single-handedly killed the sheepskin coat market....

Susan said...

I'm pretty fond of Inception too. And like The Dark Knight, the stupid Oscars refused to recognize the brilliance of the film. Nolan is laughing his way to the bank.

I didn't know that about Blade Runner. Great, great flick.

The Batman movies weren't good until Nolan came around. The Dark Knight isn't just a good Batman movie; it's one of the best movies ever made.

Robin said...

I've tried to watch Fear and Loathing and have yet to be able to watch the whole thing, I don't know why.