Monday, February 07, 2011

Night terrors are the new norm

So, this morning I awoke just after 4 AM and was absolutely convinced that I had to compose a paragraph including the word "break", but I couldn't remember what the word meant. Then I pondered the spelling and convinced myself that it was a made up word, like swaberpoo or Booflakken, and that no word that looked like "bree-ack" could have any serious meaning. And then I thought that maybe I needed to compose something with the word "brake", which looked more like a real word but then I couldn't think of a reason I had to describe another word I didn't recognize except that I was vaguely aware that it might be a car part. And then, despite some light feelings of terror directed at nothing, I managed to go back to sleep until the alarm told me to get up and go sit in traffic so I can spend my day yawning in a cubicle but feeling more like my old self, thank you very much.

Something similar happened last week, but I can only remember scant details. I remember being awake in the early AM hours and stumbling around my apartment and feeling terrified and lost and unable to completely remember who and where I was, but that's all. Apparently that incident ended without police intervention and I was back to feeling weak and crappy after more sleep. My dog was kind of like that in the last week before I had to put her down.

Hopefully this is just a phase and not the new level of suck and I'll feel as good (read: sharty) as I did last year before winter hit. Winter messes with my symptoms and makes everything worse for me. I never thought I'd see the day that I found Atlanta to be too cold and dry. In the meantime, if I run naked into your yard and throw rocks at the clouds and scream at them to stop following me, just know that I'm probably not dangerous and I would appreciate a nice cup of tea over being shot at and/or arrested.


Pearl said...

Seriously, it is that a side effect of diabetes? Nightmares?That's awful!

I was on some sleep medication recently (that I've since quit) that gave me the most vividly terrifying nightmares of my life. Three days in a row of that and I'd rather not sleep at all than have those horrifying visions...


Pearl said...

p.s. I want to be more sympathetic than I appeared to be and can promise you that, should you end up on my lawn, naked and ranting, that I will bring you in, take pictures, and then give you a blanket and a nice cup of tea.

Dont' worry. I won't post them. They'll be for my personal collection. Hey -- winter's long up here. Get it while you can, you know what I mean?

Jay said...

probably not dangerous. heheh

I normally only have these types of dreams when I've taken NyQuil two nights in a row. Hope it doesn't become a regular thing. Even if it will give you some blog fodder.

Bunnies are better. ;-)

PAMO said...

Grant- I was going to say, "You too, huh?" But that just felt too insincere.

However, I am usually awake from 4am until 6am, wide awake. Perhaps we could chat.

I truly hope your diabetes isn't taking you to a new level of suck. This winter for us southerners has been horrid. We ain't use to cold and snow for weeks on end-- it's just not normal and is causing major funkiness.

In the meantime, if you show up on my lawn, I'll serve up the tea. Sending thoughts of heat your way.

NYD said...

Just 'cause a word ain't in the dictionary doesn't make it unreal. I could think of a few good uses for "swaberpoo"

Sounds like you could use a bunny to keep you sane at night and tired during the day.

Oh, and to find any rocks in my yard, you'd have you shovel through at least two feet of snow. If you are willing to do that I'll have more than a cup of tea waiting for you...

Anonymous said...

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Kira said...

You make coming down to visit again soon sound so appealing! So, is proper etiquette to use the Taser on you BEFORE or AFTER offering you tea?

metalmom said...

I nearly said that "swabberpoo" is a real word. Actually it it "Pooswabber" and there was a sale on it at WalMart.

I'm not as nice as Pearl. I too would give you tea and take pictures, but shit, I'D POST 'EM!!!

Robin said...

As far as I understand night terrors come from stress and I have gotten them for many many years now. I wish mine involved strange words instead of spiders.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

I will TOTALLY offer you tea and cookies if you end up naked on my lawn. Maybe check the side effects for any medication you're taking? I don't know.

I remember once waking up when an airplane was flying low over the house and I shouted, "TORNADO!!!!! GET TO THE BASEMENT!!!!" Ty-man was not amused.

Grant said...

Pearl - I've never heard of it being associated with diabetes. I think it's just a preview of the loss of mental faculties I'll be seeing as I degrade.

Jay - so far it's just been the two nights. I'll blame Nyquil even though it's just sitting untouched in the medicine cabinet.

PAMO - I'm back to being dead asleep during those times, so please leave a message.

NYD - a bunny guardian sounds like a good idea.

Anonymous - gee, thanks. Where can I send you money?

Kira - just bring the kids and pets next visit and if I kill anyone in their sleep that will mathematically make it less likely to be you.

metalmom - I have no desire to ever own a Pooswabber. Especially one from Wal-Mart.

Robin - I'll trade my words for your spiders because you can't squish concepts.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter - you're married to the wrong person. I would definitely have found that amusing to the point I would offer to rent you out to parties.

Avitable said...

I've had night terrors that usually involved giant spiders climbing on the walls, but those went away about three years ago. They lasted for several years, and no idea why.