Friday, December 03, 2010

In case you're worried by my recent foray into more serious topics with mostly serious answers

Check out this awesome video of Hatsune Miku, J-pop singer and pedo bait.

Direct link is here.

The only thing keeping her from becoming an even bigger star is the minor fact that she's not, technically, real.

We're probably seeing the future of J-kiddie porn.


tiff said...

I suspect the Japanese never let a thing like reality get in the way of their good times.

Avitable said...

That's a little frightening.

Lady Tragic said...

I watched this a few weeks ago and as a tech freak, I must say that she made my heart squee but not in any sort of creepy way. When cy-folks finally take over the world, I really hope that they're all as adorable because I'd much rather be enslaved and subsequently slaughtered by mass attacks of kawaii than other things I can bring to mind..

Kira said...

I just looked up an article on this because hell, it freaked me out. But you'll be happy to know that she's considered to be 16 yrs old in hologram-world, so in SC that means she's legal.

dr.alistair said... day soon...all the important stuff will be done just like that, with digital cartoon puppets and real people only acting in support roles.

real soon.

Grant said...

tiff - reality is overrated.

Avitable - I assume "frightening" is code for "fap-worthy".

Lady Tragic - I welcome our new J-robot overlords. I especially like how every Japanese robot I've seen is made to look like a cute woman.

Kira - so it's okay as long as a web site in English says they're of legal age? Time to order the game from J-list that allows you to hit on your elementary school sister who they labeled eighteen.

dr.alistair - I welcome the day when Hollywood celebrities are obsolete.