Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm one of the initiated now

So, now I have glasses and I can see things again. I missed that. I also got a haircut, so below is an updated portrait of me:
I got the glasses from a regular optometrist, the kind that takes "about a week" to get them in, which in this case really meant two weeks. I have no idea why I went to them instead of a one-hour place. Are the slow places really superior in any way?

Naturally, the optometrist wants me to go to another specialist and then see him again in three months. That's SOP for American medical care. He only violated procedure by actually helping.

I also got prescription sunglasses so I can see outside in the daylight:
For some reason, there are a lot fewer speed bumps on my way to work now that I can see. On an unrelated topic, unsolved vehicular homicides are also down in my neighborhood.

Now I just have to develop good eyeglass-owning habits, such as not putting them in a chair before sitting down to think about where I may have left my glasses (that almost happened last night). Ironically, when I take off my glasses I can no longer see well enough to find my glasses.

Clear vision and irony - totally worth the price.


Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

My favorite is when I push my glasses up on my head and then wander around for 20 minutes wondering where the fuck are my glasses. Yeah.

Monogram Queen said...

OMG Coal Miners Grandddaughter - I have to confess to doing that too :S

I only need reading glasses Grant :P

Jay said...

Cool shades dude.

Maundering mutterer said...

You're making a spectacle of yourself, man! Er.. no.. hang on.. the spectacles were made for yourself? Anyway, hoping you'll enjoy them. Isn't it fun seeing clear outlines, and the colours brighten up so much? I hate my specs.. I love my specs.. I hate my specs.. I...

Whitemist said...

i understand completely

SJ said...

Haha four eyes!

Prata said...

For the longest time I refused to wear glasses, this of course after wearing them my entire childhood and doing shit like going to sleep taking them off while asleep and then rolling over on them. Yes, this happened at least once a month for several years.

Oh, and my personal favorite, having to run track with glasses. This wasn't working well. Then came the contacts. I didn't wear glasses again until just a year ago. ^_^

Avitable said...

You should get a helper monkey as well, since you're so blind.

Tragic said...


god you rock.

Robin said...

I never don't have my glasses on so I never lose them or sit on them. I only take them off to sleep and shower.

Realliveman said...

Dude, I'm digg'en the drawings.

Welcome to 4-eye country!

I got the transitions lenses too. They work only in direct, unimpeeded sunlight. They don't change when you are behind the wheel of a car, which is when you need them the most.

Dang eye doctor people!

Grant said...

Coal Miner's Granddaughter - I haven't done that yet, but it sounds like me.

Monogram Queen - I'm sure I'll do that eventually.

Jay - they're by a brand that's not as easy to spell or pronounce as Czechoslovakia.

Maundering mutterer - it's nice being able to read subtitles again. Japanese I can understand a little, but Spanish leaves me lost.

Whitemist - yes, I'm part of your club now.

SJ - actually, it's six eyes if you count the sunglasses.

Prata - mine fog over the instant I leave the a/c and hit the humid Georgia air, so I don't think I'd want to run track with them.

Avitable - I'm hoping more for a helper bunny.

Tragic - we with glasses all rock.

Robin - how do you know you're clean if you don't shower with them?

Realliveman - I just carry both sets with me at all times so I can see while driving and then also when I go inside.

tiff said...

who doesn't need a helper monkey?