Sunday, April 04, 2010

It's time to thank Judas for bringing us this wonderful holiday with a traditional celebration

With bunny!

Kim Ha Yul, K-Bunny and race queen. Yes, this picture is a repost, just because the sexiest new Asian bunny picture I could find was:

Bonus Easter treat -peep sushi.


Jay said...

That's my favorite Easter Bunny ever.

Neath said...

That's a great set of legs, but, why is she sitting in a water fountain?

Grant said...

Jay - it's amazing how hard it is to find a decent picture of a hot Asian woman wearing bunny ears on the Internet. We need to rectify this immediately.

Neath - I just assumed it was a fancy urinal for women so she wouldn't have to abandon her post in the event of wee-wee.

Ricardo said...

I never saw it so it's good for me.