Monday, March 22, 2010

Wiiview - MadWorld

MadWorld is a game made for the generally family-friendly platform that is the Wii, and should not be played by anyone who is younger than 137 and has not personally participated in at least one attempted genocide. It's like playing in The Running Man, but with better acting. Pretty much everything can be used as a weapon, included toilets, just in case you get tired of relying on the chainsaw strapped to your arm (not bloody likely). The graphics are deliberately grainy to simulate a battle arena being televised commando-style, but the subtle use of color (see below) keeps the images crisp and the action easy to follow.

Note - the above image may be offensive to pussies.

In addition to a world carpeted with gore and scored to some brutal music, the voice work is handled by professional actors (it's not a coincidence that Jack, your character, sounds like Wolverine from the Hulk vs. movies), and the televisors provide a constant running commentary with their Rabelais-style wit, as evidenced by the following exchange:

Commenter #1: "Wow, that's ironic!"
Commenter #2: "What's so ironic about being ringed with a tire and then run through with a signpost?"
Commenter #1: "Did I say ironic? I meant fucking awesome!"

Challenges in some similar games are often annoying and distracting from the main action, but not here. For a break in the normal fun, you get to see how many people you can toss into a jet engine, or fight it out with a giant armored minotaur packing a double-bladed chainsaw. (Hint - grand slam to the head with a spiked bat works very well here) This is definitely a time when swinging the Wiimote to the tune of a chainsaw is way better than just rapidly pressing buttons.

The only major drawback is that the game only saves between levels, meaning you'll never get anywhere until you complete an entire level at a time. The one time I was determined to clear level one, I paused the game and sharted / rested until I had enough strength to unpause and continue, then I discovered I missed one of the challenges and was stuck at the end without the big boss appearing. I'm cutting a half bunny from the rating for that.

Final rating:

Of course, you may object to a game wherein the "plot" is just an excuse for nonstop mayhem, but if that's the case then enjoy the salad bar, commie.


tiff said...

I'll be over here munching on lettuce. You have a nice time with your gore.

Jay said...

At what point in the game do you have to get the frog across the highway?

dr.alistair said...

mmmmm genocide.....

SJ said...

This is gaming at it's best. Blood and gore rulezzz!

Grant said...

tiff - party pooper.

Jay - I think you're thinking of Pac-Man. Or possibly Kana.

dr.alistair - it's fun and refreshing.

SJ - it could use some nudity, although it does have scantily clad women in S&M fetish gear.

Avitable said...

I gave up my Wii in the divorce. I need to get a new one. This game sounds fun.

Grant said...

Avitable - the ex got the Wii? Did she get your balls too? Oh, wait, I can see on your blog that they're still attached.